Dear Parents and Caregivers

Our school provides access to Department of Education online services. These enhance the contemporary learning opportunities available to students and the range of teaching tools available to staff to deliver the Western Australian Curriculum.

I am writing to seek approval for your child to be given access to these online services.

The Department’s online services currently provide students with access to:

  • individual email and calendar accounts;
  • the internet, with all reasonable care taken by central office and schools to monitor and control students’ access to websites while at school;
  • online teaching and learning services such as Connect, web-conferencing and digital resources;
  • online file storage and sharing services; and
  • these online services at locations other than school.

Please note that while every reasonable effort is made by schools and the Department to prevent student exposure to inappropriate online content when using Department provided online services, it is not possible to completely eliminate the risk of such exposure.

You should be aware that the Department has the right to review, audit, intercept, access and disclose messages created, received or sent over Department online services. Logs of email transactions and internet access data are kept for administrative, legal and security purposes and may be monitored. Similar to other corporate records, emails and internet access records are discoverable in the event of legal action and are subject to provisions of the Freedom of Information Act 1992. (www.foi.wa.gov.au)

You should also be aware that general internet browsing not conducted via the Department’s network is not monitored or filtered by the Department. The Department encourages close family supervision of all internet use by children in locations other than school, and strongly recommends the use of appropriate internet filtering software. Advice on managing internet use at home can found on the Office of the E-Safety Commissioner website (www.esafety.gov.au/iparent).

If you agree to your child using these online services, please click on the link below and complete the information on the following pages and then click submit ASAP. This will enable students to continue to access all school services.

NB: These permissions also apply to Photo Hendricks, who will be in the school on Thursday 18 February for school photos. Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.



 ‘Growing Good People’

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Great start at Morawa District High School

 We are excited and grateful to be open Week 1 of Term 1 to welcome all students and families to the beginning of a new school year at Morawa District High School, during these challenging and devastating times for some parts of Western Australia, due to the bush fires and pandemic. Our thoughts are with those affected.

Thank you to all parents who have sent their children back to school wearing the school uniform, it is wonderful to see our students dressed in their black and gold or black and white clothing. The students and staff have settled into classroom routines very quickly and the school is happily humming with positive energy. Congratulations to all students for a fantastic start and for completing some amazing work over this last week. We are looking forward to a wonderful school year.

Welcome new staff to Morawa District High School

We have also been fortunate to retain the majority of our staff from 2020 and delighted to welcome Miss Amber Ritchie [Year 5/6 Teacher] and Miss Alisha Madurun [School Psychologist], to our team. Please join them in welcoming them to our community.

COVID-19 Operating Guidelines

We were very fortunate to open on the first day of Term 1 and will continue to follow the latest health advice as it is issued.

The safety of our staff and students is obviously a priority and extra cleaning and hygiene measures will continue. The latest health information is available through WA Health Department.

Just a reminder about a few protocols –

  • 5m adult social distancing
  • Ongoing day cleaning and good hygiene practices remain a priority in 2021.
  • Students are to bring full water bottles [water fountains are only to be used to fill up water bottles]
  • Hand hygiene is a priority – students are reminded to hand sanitise and wash their hands regularly throughput the day
  • Ongoing cleaning of the classrooms and playgrounds will occur throughout the day

Every Day Counts 100% Attendance

A reminder to all students and families that every day counts at school. If students miss one day every for a fortnight by Year 9 students have missed a whole year of learning.  The effect of absence accumulates over time. Academic achievement, not only in the current year, but in future years, is severely affected and impacts on individuals learning for life. We are going to have a stronger focus on attendance this year and support students and families at risk in as many ways as possible to come to school every day. We are celebrating the 100% attendance winner’s each week at assemblies and look forward to improving our overall regular attendance. If you require assistance to get your child to school, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Parent Information Sessions

Parent information sessions are being held on Wednesday 10 February. This is a great opportunity for parents to meet their childrens’ teachers and learn about individual teacher and classroom expectations. The following session timetable will be in place for students in Years K – 7.

  • 50-2.10pm: Kindy / Pre-primary Kollmann K/P Building
  • 10-2.30pm: Year 3 / 4 Miss King/Mrs Atkinson Room 11
  • 30-2.50pm: Year 1 / 2 Miss Katona Room 13
  • 50-3.10pm: Year 5 / 6 Miss Ritchie Room 10
  • 30-2.50pm: Year 7 Mrs Thomlinson Room 3

 All other Secondary Teacher will be available to meet with in the Library for subject specific information. Individual Teacher Information Sessions for Years 8-12 can be booked between 2.30-3.10pm by contacting the front office on 99712500. Please see the information below regarding secondary subjects and teachers.

  • Mrs Tomlinson – Year 7 Form Teacher / HASS Years 7-10 / Year 7 Maths Room 3
  • Miss Pearson: Physical Education Years PP-12 / Year 8 Science/ Primary Science/ Year 10 Health, Physical Education Studies
  • Mrs Inbaseelan: Year 9 Form, Year 7-12 Art / ICT/
  • Mrs Henderson: Year 10 Form Teacher / 8-12 English
  • Ms Jones: Year 11/12 Form Teacher / Design &Technology Wood & Metal/Home Economics/Year 5/6 D&T
  • Mrs Bond: Years 8-12 Mathematics/Year 7 Science
  • Mrs Haeusler: Music Years K-12 / Year 4-12 Guitar/Choir
  • Mrs Walter: Brass Instrumental Years 5-12
  • Mr Zwaan: Year 9 & 10 Science / Physical Education / Health/ Year 7/8 Maths Support
  • Mrs Atkisnosn: Year 7-9 English support

If you are unable to attend these sessions, we encourage you to make contact with your child/childrens teachers to make a suitable time to meet. All Classroom Information Booklets will be available on Connect after next Wednesday.

Interm Swimming

We are looking forward to Years 1-7 swimming lessons in held from 8 March – 18 March at the Morawa Pool.  We will send home all permission notes and information shortly.

Swimming Carnivals

The Interhouse Swimming Carnival is being held at the Morawa Pool on Friday 19 March. The Interschool Swimming Carnival is being held in Carnamah on Friday 26 March.

Voluntary Contributions

Student statements will be sent home to parents and guardians in Week 3. We look forward to your early payment so you can utilize the early payment discount and your child can benefit from the access to many consumables and resources this enables us to purchase. Please note these are available to pay in person at the school administration office.

I look forward to meeting with you all over the coming weeks.


Kind regards

Mrs Tonia Carslake



Our Vision

“Growing good people”

Our Expectations

  • Respect –
    • We treat others with consideration and respect.
  • Responsibility –
    • We are accountable for our own actions, resolving differences in constructive, peaceful ways; we contribute to society and we take care of the environment.
  • Achievement –
    • We have high expectations of students and staff and endeavour to achieve our best.

Focus Areas

The Business Plan 2019 – 2021, builds on the strengths of our previous Business Plan and our successful three year cycle as an Independent Public School. It brings together system expectations as described in the “Strategic Plan for WA Public Schools 2016-2019: High Performance-High Care” and the Focus Directions for Schools. Our Business Plan identifies four school priorities, which are integral to our day-to-day work and to making a real difference to the lives of our students.

School Priorities

  • PRIORITY 1: Success for all students
  • PRIORITY 2: High quality teaching
  • PRIORITY 3: Effective leadership
  • PRIORITY 4: Strong governance and support


The latest phase of the Bigger Picture Education campaign focuses on providing information to the community by talking directly with parents and engaging them through interesting and relevant stories so they are aware of and understand the changes taking place in our schools.