Morawa Youth Centre

The Morawa Youth Centre was opened in August 2009, and since its opening has been well patronised by the local youth of Morawa. The Youth Centre provides the youth of the community with a space that is specifically for them. The Centre is currently open three nights a week and offers a mixture of both structured and more informal ‘drop-in’ sessions. The Youth Centre also runs a structured school holiday program full of fun activities and excursions. The Morawa Youth Centre is provided by the Shire of Morawa as a free community service.

 The Morawa Youth Centre works in conjunction with the Morawa District High School and supports the use of its facility by the School at all times. The Youth Centre staff open their doors to school groups for special workshops, reward days, leadership programs, discos, and other activities both during and after school. The Community Youth Development Officer regularly applies for grant funding to run special projects, and coordinates these projects with the School, so that the students have the opportunity to be involved in these projects. Examples of recent projects include, a mural arts project, a photography and film project, and a road safety project.

The Youth Centre is currently open the following hours and runs the following programs:

Monday 3.00 – 4.30pm (8yrs – 12yrs) 4.30 – 6.00pm (13yrs – 17yrs)
Tuesday 3.00 – 4.30pm (8yrs – 12yrs) 4.30 – 6.00pm (13yrs – 17yrs)
Wednesday 3.00 –  4:30pm (8yrs – 12yrs) 4.30 – 6.00pm (13yrs – 17yrs)
Thursday Closed
Friday Closed
  • Tuesday afternoons are currently ‘Healthy Eating Tuesday’. Every Tuesday from 3pm-4.30pm we learn about healthy foods and also run a healthy cooking workshop.
  • During Term 4, every Tuesday from 4.30-6.00pm we are running a ‘Guys Only’ program for young men aged 13-17yrs. This program is focussed on working with our local young males and assisting them facilitate a project at the Skate Park in Morawa.
  • Every second week, on Friday nights the Youth Centre is open from 6pm-9pm for young people aged 13-17 yrs. Please call us to find out what dates these late night Fridays are occurring.

Active after school

We run active after schools and communities (but it will be changing names next year).

We have 7 weeks of an hour session with free afternoon tea, for students from years 1-7

The sports we play change each term.

Breakfast Program

Morawa DHS has reintroduced a School Breakfast Program which runs on  Tuesday for Secondary students and Wednesday for Primary students. This program is aimed to encourage all students to eat a healthy and nutritious breakfast and  provides students with a social environment to make new friends and encourage them to come to school every day.

Many students do not start the day with a substantial or healthy breakfast. Research says that eating a healthy breakfast assists with performance in class and general health and wellbeing. We have a team of willing and able staff committed to running the School Breakfast Program who would love some assistance. If you are able to help out in the morning please contact the School Breakfast Coordinators Linda Jenkins or Noelene Carslake on 99710900.

Your help will be greatly appreciated and will ensure that the students are able to participate in this important program.