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Learning Programs

Morawa DHS offers a comprehensive curriculum K – 12 across the eight learning areas, with a number of specialist programs on offer to ensure students maximise their potential. The WA K-10 Syllabus forms the bases for all teaching and learning programs for the lower and primary school, with the National curriculum being introduced in second semester 2011.

There are flexible Senior School pathways for students wishing to do TEE, TAFE, VET or Instep Mining courses through a scholarship with Karara Mining. This includes students participating in courses through WACOAM in Cert 2 Automotive and Cert 2 Metal Engineering. Underlying everything that we do at Morawa DHS, is an ethos of care and moral purpose.  This is supported by the student services team and the pastoral care program.

Our priority areas are Literacy, Numeracy, and Student Health and Wellbeing, which were set by School Council and staff late in 2010. School programs include a school based specialist brass and class music program; Getting it Right Literacy and Numeracy Specialist teachers; Indigenous Tutorial Assistance Scheme [ITAS]; Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal School Based Traineeships; Profile Funded TAFE courses; LOTE Japanese; Horsemastership; English, Science; Society and Environment; Mathematics; Design and Technology [Metal and Wood]  Performing and Visual Arts; Technology and Enterprise; Certificate I courses in Information, Communications and Technology; Resources and Infrastructure; and Health and Physical Education.

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Cultural Standards Framework