Morawa DHS has a consistent whole school approach to system and school priorities, and specific targets for student achievement are the focus of classroom teaching and learning and staff development. Our staff are committed professionals who understand that quality teaching is the key to student success and that instruction has many facets.


Morawa DHS recognises the importance of developing partnerships with students, staff and school community. We perceive our relationship with parents and care givers as being part of a team supporting our mission and core values. Parent involvement is welcomed. This is encouraged by requesting:

  • help with the implementation of a range of programs;
  • participation in the school decision making process;
  • involvement in the School Board and the P&C; and
  • support for the ongoing development of school resources and facilities.


At Morawa DHS we believe that the strategic deployment of school resources is an important enabler for improving student achievement. The budget is drafted as part of the School Review Process in consultation with the School Board. Each phase of learning team acknowledges the significant support of the P&C.

For information regarding gifted & talented programs follow this link:-

Gifted and Talented


There are many levels of leadership at Morawa DHS with the Principal having the ultimate responsibility. From our Administration and Leadership Teams, Phases of Learning Teams, P&C, Schools Board and our Student Leadership Teams, there are many people involved in making decisions about school processes and programs.

Student Leadership Strategy