P & C

Morawa Parents & Citizens Association has a proud tradition of supporting the staff and students at the Morawa DHS.  Each year parents and community members give up their own time to help in the running of the school.  From organising successful sporting carnivals, to fundraising for extra activities, camps, outings and new equipment to managing the uniform shop and canteen, Morawa DHS is lucky to have such a dedicated and passionate group of people.

If you would like to be part of the P & C please contact, thorough the front office (08 99712500), one of the following committee members:-

President –  Hayley Cosgrove

Vice President – Jamie Appleton

Secretary – Tenke Knight

Treasurer – Linda Collins

Cropping Program – Mark Coaker

Band Committee President – Nicola Appleton

Band representative – Helen Walter

Pre-primary President – Linda Collins

Pre-Primary representative – Narelle Knox-Robinson

Sports Representative – Haylie Cosgrove and Brad Collins

School Bus services – Betty Lou Haydon

Uniforms – Teneke Knight

Canteen  – Tianna Van Brunschot

We look forward to seeing you.


The Western Australian Council of State School Organisations Inc. is about parents, supporting public schools.  More information on this organisation can be found by following this link:


 For more information about getting involved following this link:-

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