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MEITA Alliance

The partnership comprising of, the Western Australia College of Agriculture Morawa, Morawa District High School and Shire was formed in 2004 and extended to include the Institute of Technology in 2009.  The partners formed an alliance to be known as Morawa  Education Alliance.

The Morawa Education Alliance was formed when key stakeholders WACOAM & MDHS realised that student outcomes had not been maximized. As a result of this, the splitting off from MDHS, and the establishment of, the WACOAM in 2001 meant that students could no longer access the educational and training programs on offer at each of the now two separate ‘schools’. It was recognised that students were being restricted in their access to educational and training opportunities and that facilities were under utilized.  It was also identified that the town lost a significant number of 15-19 year olds who did not return once they had left the Morawa community, due to lack of  training opportunities available in the area.

The MEA realised that education and training in the town is a crucial ‘industry’ that influences the economic and social life of the entire community. This was encapsulated in the MEA Vision: ‘to provide a high quality, customer-focused education and training program that will attract and retain the youth of the region and to be recognised as an outstanding educational services provider in regional Western Australia’.

At an MEA meeting in 2010, the Alliance was re-branded from MEA to MEITA – Morawa Education Industry Training Alliance. The re-naming of the alliance comprises Industry and training and reflects the direction the Alliance is moving towards. The MEA recognised the need to improve student outcomes and has addressed this by the engagement of industry & training programmes.

The Alliance was recently chosen as one of only two regional locations Australia wide to trial an Australian Government funded pilot program to deliver cross industry training to both the mining and agriculture sectors.

The Regional Agriculture and Mining Industry Training Project (RAMIT) was aimed at delivering training to provide entry level employee skills for both the agriculture and mining sectors.

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