About the Morawa District High School

The Morawa town site school commenced in 1923 with an average daily attendance of 8 pupils, since then the school population has varied with a present day student number just in excess of 180. Morawa is located in the northern wheat belt, 390kms north of Perth and 190kms south east of Geraldton. The town is predominantly a wheat and sheep farming community, that also has an active mining sector.

Morawa District High School (Morawa DHS) is a Western Australian Department of Education Independent Public School. The school caters for students from Kindergarten to Year 12 and students come from within Morawa itself, nearby towns and adjacent farming areas. The IPS School Board and the Parents and Citizens Association, provide strong support for the school community, with sub-committees taking lead roles in special events throughout the school year.

We are committed to the Classroom First Strategy; making every student a successful student; every teacher an effective teacher; and Morawa DHS a good school. Staff provide a teaching and learning environment that is safe, responsive to, and supportive of the learning needs of all students in the school. The Morawa DHS school community promotes excellence in teaching and learning through positive relationships with students, staff and parents. Strong and clear leadership is provided to promote involvement and pride in our school.

With a very active sports committee, Morawa has a strong tradition of running successful swimming and athletics carnivals. The school band committee is involved in fund raising to support the band and its activities. Other P&C Committees include Canteen Committee, Pre-Primary Committee and the Uniform Committee.

Morawa DHS is recognised for its comprehensive music program for students from Pre-Primary to Upper School. Students are involved in the choir and given the opportunity to learn an instrument, brass and/or guitar. Morawa DHS has the only brass band in the Government School system.

Morawa DHS staff believe students learn best when they are actively engaged in their learning with relevant curriculum, are respected and in a safe and supportive environment. Teachers have clear guidelines, high expectations and teach using a variety of teaching pedagogies to cater for diverse learning styles and differences. We believe that positive relationships between staff, students and community are essential to effective teaching and learning and improving attendance. “Student Voice” is highly valued and 360 degree feedback essential to the growth of students and staff. Morawa DHS staff work collaboratively to provide better outcomes for students.

Morawa DHS has embedded the School Accountability and Improvement Framework which enhances the focus on standards of student achievement and public accountability. School staff and the community rigorously self-assess the school’s performance, and use the findings to inform school improvement strategies, through evidence based planning. Morawa DHS staff believe that through our endeavours we do value add in many different ways to each individual’s learning journey.

Focus Areas, Strategies & Milestones

We ‘shape futures’ by developing:

  • success for all students;
  • a distinctive school;
  • high quality teaching and leadership;
  • a capable and responsive organisation.

Each of these focus areas shapes our day-to-day work. To deliver these, we will implement a series of strategies and milestones that will be monitored using a range of indicators.

Leadership team

Principal – Tonia Carslake

Deputy Principals – Tracy Tapscott and Mike McGann

Corporate Services Managers – Linda Jenkins and Jayme Tapscott