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Our Vision: Empowered Aboriginal Girls and Women

In remote Australia, Indigenous girls are up to 52% less likely to graduate Year 12 than their non-Indigenous peers. In 2021 in WA, Year 7/8 to Year 12 retention rates for non-Indigenous female students was 86.6%, while for Indigenous female students it was just 46.9%. Based in host schools across Western and South Australia, Shooting Stars is on a mission to change this.   Our purpose is to not only support young Aboriginal girls to increase their school attendance and engagement, but to help strengthen their confidence, cultural identity, and positive attitudes. We work with participants to grow their capacity and resources to make informed decisions for themselves, unlocking the door to self-determination and empowering them to reach their full potential.  To realise our vision, the Shooting Stars program has developed an extensive strategic plan which lays the foundations for our operations.   By continuously focusing on our key goals and strategies, our purpose remains at the heart of what we do.